Wellness Coaching

Do you know the right proportion of carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruits to eat? Do you know how to read food labels to see the amount of fat or sodium in one serving size? Did you know that weight lifting and walking can help build your bone density? Are you thinking about stopping your blood pressure medication because you’re doing so well and you believe you don’t need it any more? Do you know you should exercise but hate doing it, and need help finding something you can do? Are you nervous about how to avoid getting diabetes because it runs in your family? Did your doctor say your A1c was above normal and you didn’t understand what he said it means or what to do about it? Do you have trouble finding a way to relax?


These are just a few examples of the types of things that Ellen can help you with. She did wellness coaching for years when she worked as a Nurse Case Manager, helping clients become healthier and more knowledgeable about their bodies. Doing this type of client education is second nature to her and she will include it during your sessions when it appears that it would be helpful. It basically rounds out the other offerings she does to help clients make positive and lasting changes to their health and well-being and develop a healthy mind-set and healthy behaviors.

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Ellen Gecker RN, MSN

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