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Weight loss using hypnosis is very different from will power, which generally doesn’t last very long. Hypnosis reaches the subconscious mind, which is where true long-term changes are made. It is a wonderfully natural experience that helps you make the right decisions which allow your weight to lower on a regular basis. It also can help delve into deeply buried reasons why you have held onto the weight and can help if your subconscious mind feels torn about eating properly. As well as hypnosis, you will learn other Integrative Health techniques that can help with cravings, hunger, and other unwanted feelings, so you will have a number of tools available to you.


Typically, four to eight sessions will be necessary to effect the necessary changes needed for weight loss. Follow-up sessions may be chosen by you to keep you on track long-term.


Occasionally a group is offered by Orion Wellness for weight reduction. You may wish to join a group rather than doing individual sessions if finances are a consideration and you are looking for support from others in the group. Please look at the Groups Tab to see if a group is going to be run soon. If you and 3 to 8 friends, family, or coworkers would like a private group for weight loss, please call Ellen to discuss this possibility.


For someone who needs to lose over 40 or 50 pounds, Ellen is a Certified Hypnotic Gastric Band practitioner. With this type of hypnosis, the subconscious mind is told that their stomach is very small due to a hypnotic band that is put around it, so it can’t hold much food. They eat less in the course of the day, painlessly, so they lose weight. This has no physical risk that the actual surgery holds. It is also generally less expensive than the copay involved with the real surgery, and the stomach won’t actually be stretched by eating, as it can do with the real gastric band.

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