Therapeutic Imagination Program for Immune System Enhancement and Anxiety Reduction

Coronavirus is a villain!  Just like the sinister bad guy in the movies holding a gun to the good guy’s head, only this villain is real. Would you like a weapon to fight back and keep it away from you? Would you like to be able to improve your immune system totally naturally-- and do it yourself without having to swallow anything? Did you know that there is a connection between the mind and the body, so what involves one involves the other? 


Orion Wellness LLC has a much needed new program called “Therapeutic Imagination”. The purpose of the program is to aid in calming your fears and anxiety and improving your immune system, using your mind and body connection. Two techniques will be taught and they are safe, have no side effects, can be used by you forever for other issues, and are proven to be effective in research studies. It uses techniques from meditation, hypnosis, tapping, Donna Eden, and Law of Attraction. Be aware that Orion Wellness cannot offer any warranties or promises that this program will be effective, since each person’s immune system is different. However, these techniques have been shown in research studies to be effective in improving the immune system. 




There are multiple options with the “Therapeutic Relaxation” program:

  1. Free live group sessions via video conferencing to calm feelings of anxiety. This is done by meditation and being taught simple techniques that you can use forever after. See below for dates.

  2. A live session with Ellen via video conferencing. At this point it is still one on one, but if the demand becomes great, it may be done online as a group. ($79*)  Two recordings are included and will be sent by email, to be used daily afterwards. 

  3. A free audio-recording designed specifically for medical staff (nurses, nurses aides, doctors, respiratory therapists, etc.) who work with patients, to help them feel calmer and  build their immune system to resist the virus. This is free to them. Please have anyone you know who does this type of work contact Ellen and request that it be emailed to them. It is Ellen’s gift to the heroes of the world in this time of high risk.

  4. A free audio-recording specifically for people who currently have the Coronavirus, to aid with their recovery. If you know anyone with the virus, please contact Ellen to have it sent to them or to whoever will help them listen to it. 

*I am implementing a “pay what you can” policy because no one should be denied the knowledge on how to protect themselves in this way. I realize this is a difficult time for everyone and that we should all support each other.


Personal Experience with This

The owner of Orion Wellness, Ellen Gecker, has reversed negative health conditions in herself multiple times using mind-body techniques, including improving her white blood cell count, calming down her hyper-parathyroid, and getting rid of many colds just as they were starting. These were done using only the powers of the mind.  In addition she is an RN with a master’s degree and is certified as a clinical hypnotist and a meditation trainer.


Technical Requirements for Online Sessions

  • A computer or tablet with a camera and microphone.

  • A good solid internet connection.

  • A quiet room with no distractions.

  • A comfortable chair where you can rest your head back, but still be seen by the camera. 

  • Email that you can check regularly, open attachments, and type replies. Ability to print and scan would be helpful but not essential.

  • A bank account from where payment can be sent to PayPal. You won’t need a PayPal account. An invoice will be emailed to you and it will direct you to the payment area. 

  • An open mind that the connection between the mind and body does exist and can be used to improve your health and life. 

Dates of Free Meditation Sessions (option #1)

Wednesday, April 8, 11am

Saturday, April 11, 3:30pm


Other dates to be added, so please check back or make a special request.


Registering or Requesting Recordings

So now you can have these weapons to fight the villain! Feel free to register for the online programs or to request the recordings designed for medical staff or people who currently have the virus.


Please use this website’s Contact Form or you may send an email to  Ellen looks forward to hearing from you or seeing you virtually. 

For a free consultation

please call and leave your information on the confidential voicemail or fill out the contact form here.

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Ellen Gecker RN, MSN

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