COVID-19    Therapeutic Imagination Program

Many organizations are helping people with the physical aspect of Coronavirus.

But who is helping with the emotional and psychological aspects?



There are multiple options with the “Therapeutic Imagination” program:

   1. Live group or individual sessions via video conferencing with Ellen on this same issue. The contact form can be filled out here. (Do not fill the form below if planning on participating in a live session)

   2. "Quick and Easy Techniques to Calm your Nerves" book. This manual is filled with easy to do and often unusual techniques that are generally calming within 5 or 10 minutes. Buy one for yourself and one for someone who is dealing with a lot of anxiety. It's not for sale anywhere else yet, so please email me if you'd like a copy. The cost is $10 plus $3 for shipping and tax.

   3. A free audio-recording for anyone who is emotionally and physically upset about the pandemic.*

   4. A free audio-recording designed specifically for medical staff who work directly with patients, to help them feel calmer, which in turn can improve their immune system and resist the virus. It is Ellen’s gift to the heroes of the world in this time of high risk.*

   5. A free audio-recording specifically for people who currently have the Coronavirus, in the hospital or at home, to aid with their recovery.*


*Please request this recording in the form at the bottom of this page. You will receive a link to it automatically on the page.

Coronavirus is a villain!  Just like the sinister bad guy in the movies holding a gun to the good guy’s head, only this villain is real. Would you like a weapon to fight back and keep it away from you? Did you know that there is a connection between the mind and the body, so what involves one involves the other? 


Orion Wellness LLC has a much needed new program called “Therapeutic Imagination”. The purpose of the program is to help calm your feelings of stress and tension, which in turn can aid in improving your immune system, using your mind and body connection. This is proven to be operative in research studies. 


The program combines techniques from meditation, hypnosis, tapping, Donna Eden, and Law of Attraction. Be aware that Orion Wellness cannot offer any warranties or promises that this program will be effective since each person’s immune system is different. 

Personal Experience

The owner of Orion Wellness, Ellen Gecker, has reversed negative health conditions in herself multiple times using mind-body techniques, including improving her white blood cell count, calming down her hyper-parathyroid, and getting rid of many colds just as they were starting. These were done using only the powers of the mind.  In addition, she is an RN with a master’s degree and is certified as a clinical hypnotist and a meditation trainer.

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*Orion Wellness may contact you by email when the virus risk is reduced, asking for your feedback in order to study the effectiveness of the program.

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