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How Orion Wellness Can Help

East Meets West Hypnotherapy can help people to more readily handle their medical conditions and relieve many of the accompanying symptoms such as pain, difficulty with mobility, fatigue, poor appetite, difficulty sleeping, and poor circulation. In addition, there are often added complications such as stress, discomfort, worry, fear, and medication or treatment side effects. Tests, procedures, treatments, or impending surgery can add to the fear and apprehension, as well as the worries about the outcome of the disease, injury, or other health issues. East Meets West hypnosis, along with other natural techniques that Ellen will teach you about, might be the answer for you, so please call to discuss it further.

We Have a Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind

Everyone has a conscious part of their mind and a subconscious part. For some parts of our day, our conscious mind is running the show. We consciously select what we want to wear, where we want to go, how we compose an email, etc. But then there are the times when our subconscious mind takes over. Have you ever blurted out something that you never meant to say? Have you eaten a big slice of cake that you swore to yourself you wouldn’t touch? Are there things you can’t remember and then it comes to you later? Have you ever daydreamed? This is all controlled by the subconscious mind.


Not only is the subconscious mind faster, but it’s much more powerful than the conscious mind. Hence, eating the cake when you said you wouldn’t or finding yourself unable to keep your New Year’s resolutions.


How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis reaches the subconscious mind by relaxing your body and conscious mind so much that that portion of your mind “turns off” for a little while. Yes, it feels very relaxing but also very much like being entrenched in a captivating movie, or daydreaming, or driving home and not remembering actually doing it because you were listening to music or an audio book. So everyone has been in hypnotic states before. Some use the terms “trance” or “sleep” but only for lack of a better way to describe it. You will not be in a true trance or asleep. You are aware of everything that’s going on, but you’re much more relaxed than normal in order to reach the subconscious mind. It’s then that negativity can be eliminated and positive statements made to your mind are believed. It’s then that your visualizations can be accepted and your mind starts to make them happen. That’s when changes begin and your life starts to be enhanced.

I'm Feeling Torn...

Part of the subconscious mind is a force that wants you to hurt, to fail, to have a sick body or a sick mind. We’ll call it Failure Part. That part of your mind most likely started when you were young and grew stronger as you got older. But there is also a part of your mind that wants only good things to happen to you. We call that Success Part. During hypnosis, we will work on strengthening Success Part and weakening Failure Part. That is essential to good health.


When hypnosis is done to help health problems and symptoms, your subconscious mind can help bring relief to your body and your mind. YOU finally take greater control of what’s happening within yourself. Research has shown through medical testing that during hypnosis there are activity going on and actual changes in the brain!  It is accepted by many medical professionals that healing isn’t just a physical process—but also a mental and emotional one.

I Have Homework?

Medical Hypnosis works on the basis that the mind and body heal themselves. Your hypnotist is merely an assistant to you because you will actually be doing all the “work” to heal yourself. That means that you should plan to do mental exercises every day if you want this to be effective. Having a few sessions with a hypnotherapist is not enough. It needs to be a daily event, just like eating is necessary every day. Orion Wellness will teach you how to do this.

Bear in mind that there will be homework, things to do every day that can take some time, such as self-hypnosis that you will be taught. If you don’t have the time, don’t take the time, or don’t want to do them, you will get a lot less out of the program. The daily tasks are at least, if not more, important than the sessions. You get out of it what you put in. 

All Natural Help for Pain

Hypnotherapy can be a great help for you if you have chronic pain such as back pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, cancer pain, neuropathy, old injuries, or pain that is experienced without a medical explanation. Through hypnosis, you can learn to “turn down the volume” and exert control over it, since all pain is actually experienced in the brain, not the body. This does not mean “it’s all in your head” because the pain you feel is very real. Studies show that people who have chronic pain and participate in hypnosis required fewer pain medications, and they had less tension and fear associated with their pain.


Some people have very acute pain while in the hospital or shortly after discharge. Often this is due to surgery or a sudden painful condition. The pain has been unrelieved by pain medication or they can’t take the medication. Ellen will come to the hospital, home, or rehabilitation center if it is local to central PA (travel charges will apply). A physician, NP, or PA will need to write an order for the hospital to allow this and an order for the Orion Wellness records. Hypnosis can provide some relief from the pain during and after the session and it can be recorded on the client’s cell phone to listen to at other times. Sessions on an online video program can also be done.


Complementary and Alternative Medicine Techniques


Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), also known as Integrative Medicine, is getting more and more popular and well-known and some of the more progressive hospitals are implementing it now. Ellen is a big believer that complementary techniques should be done along with your traditional medical care, not instead of it. She believes that alternative techniques should be done only when traditional Western medicine has nothing left to offer the person.


Ellen will teach you a complementary medical technique that has been very successful with people she has worked with who had pain that was difficult to endure—and it’s all natural, nothing taken internally, and you can do it yourself!. This technique is also very helpful for stress, cravings, removing emotional blocks, improving well-being, and assisting you in implementing positive goals. It’s a great all-around tool to have in your arsenal for the rest of your life. She will also teach you about other complementary techniques that can be very helpful for your issues. (No techniques taken orally, such as vitamins or herbs, will be taught.)  Hence, the fairly long sessions.

Help for Complying with What You're Supposed to be Doing

Are you supposed to follow a certain way of eating to help your health condition, but have trouble making yourself do it? Are you supposed to get up and move around or exercise, but you don’t like to do it? Do you forget to refill your prescription or take your medication? Do you sabotage your own well-being?


Hypnosis can improve a person's motivation to comply with self-care and medical treatments. In addition, Ellen worked in her career as a Case Manager and wellness coach. So her expertise in this field can be an added bonus for you.

Who Can Be Helped

Under “Health Conditions” you can see many of the conditions that can be aided by Orion Wellness. If you’re not sure if this program can help, feel free to call for a free consultation. Not everyone is a good fit for this, so it’s best to have a conversation with Ellen before scheduling anything. People who are looking for someone to passively “fix” them or who are on the fence about changing are probably not good candidates. During the hypnosis session, lots of mind work will need to go on, and there will be homework that is required after the session if you are to have a good result. Ellen reserves the right to decline to do hypnotherapy if she feels that the person is not a good candidate. Those who have severe mental illness or inebriated will not be accepted until those issues are resolved or under control.

Click here to see a list of conditions that can be helped

Working with Your Primary Care Provider or Mental Health Provider

Orion Wellness does not do medical treatments. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so Ellen is just your facilitator in self-healing. A referral from your physician, PA, or NP will be requested for any medical problem prior to hypnosis being done. Please bring a written order with you on your first visit. If doing the first session online, please scan or take a picture of the order and email it to Ellen prior to the session. Also please send a list of your current medications and your main diagnoses, both physical and psychiatric. A report will be given to your physician following the sessions about what occurred and the outcomes. Please be aware that there is no guarantee of results, just as there is none from your physician.

Neural Networks are made to learn and relearn information meaning they can be retrained.

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