Do you feel tense much of the time, enough to cause you symptoms such as headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea or constipation, tight chest, fast or irregular heartbeat, tremors, jaw clenching, and tight muscles? Do you have trouble with focusing, irritability, doing everything you need to do, maintaining good relationships, calming down and just relaxing, or generally enjoying life? Basically, are you having difficulties physically, mentally, and emotionally? These are all symptoms of stress and tension.


Hypnotherapy and meditation are excellent ways to create mental and physical relaxation in yourself, which is essential. At Orion Wellness, you will also learn coping skills and relaxation techniques, not just through hypnosis or meditation, but with other Complementary Medicine techniques and self-hypnosis, all of which are self-empowering and can help you create a lifetime of mental and physical calmness.


Hypnotherapy goes even further than relaxation, in that it can help you uncover hidden thoughts in your subconscious mind and deep issues that are causing the feelings of stress to occur. In other words, two people can experience the same stresses of life but react very differently, one feeling plenty of symptoms and the other one handling the situation well, without feeling stressed. There may be something in your past that triggers your symptoms if nothing is currently happening in your life to cause them.


Orion Wellness sometimes offers groups on meditation for stress and tension, so you may wish to join one of them to learn techniques to use in your future. Also offered on a regular basis is a free one-hour meditation session that is not necessary educational, but focuses on relaxing your body and mind, so you leave feeling relaxed and calm. To see more on groups being offered, please click here.


However, individual sessions are needed if you wish to delve into why you’re having troublesome issues with stress. To schedule a free consultation to see if this is a good fit for your needs, please complete the contact page and Ellen will call you back to set up a time for it.

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