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Orion Wellness focuses on the whole person, which includes the physical body and the mental and emotional states, and the link between them because they are very much interconnected. The body cannot stay healthy or heal from illness without the person’s mind helping that to happen. Traditional Western Medicine, namely medication, is not enough by itself, nor is Eastern Medicine, such as meditation, acupuncture, Reiki, hypnosis, or aromatherapy, enough by itself either. Health care for the body and the mind are both needed in order to have a very healthy person.


Hence, East Meets West. Consider how the butterfly needs the flower for nectar and the flower needs the butterfly for pollination. Orion Wellness seeks to help people learn how to improve the health of their mental and emotional states and their bodies.

Free Stress Buster Meditation: Saturday, Feb 8, 10:30am. See more on Groups page.

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Whatever you think about you bring about.


- Rhonda Byrne

Orion Wellness LLC

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Ellen Gecker RN, MSN

Certified Clinical Hypnotist



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