Coronavirus is a Villain!  (click title)

New program to reduce stress and enhance your immune system!


Just like the sinister bad guy in the movies holding a gun to the good guy’s head, only this villain is real. Would you like a weapon to fight back and keep it away from you? Would you like to be able to improve your immune system totally naturally-- and do it yourself without having to swallow anything? Did you know that there is a connection between the mind and the body, so what involves one involves the other? 


Orion Wellness LLC has a new program called “Therapeutic Imagination”. The purpose of the program is to aid in calming your feelings of stress and improving your immune system, using your mind and body connection. Please click on the blue title above to see more about it.


"Techniques to Calm your Nerves" book

Easy, Sometimes Unusual, and Quite Effective

Are you worried, jittery, losing sleep, even fearful about the state of the world, yourself, or your family? This book contains multiple easy ways to calm down your mind and your body, generally in a few minutes. Most of them are not the usual things that you already know. It’s essential for this time when so many people are having high stress levels.

The price for this unique book is $10 plus $3 for shipping and tax. Please fill in the contact page to request it or send an email to Please include your mailing address. The preferred method of paying is by credit card on PayPal.

Online Sessions Are Now Available!

All issues that can be addressed in person can now be done via a virtual online program. Please see the Health Conditions page and complete the Contact Form to have a discussion with Ellen.


What is Orion Wellness LLC about?

Orion Wellness focuses on the whole person, which includes the physical body and the mental and emotional states, and the link between them because they are very much interconnected. The body cannot stay healthy or heal from illness without the person’s mind helping that to happen. Traditional Western Medicine, namely medication, is not enough by itself. Nor is Eastern Medicine (such as meditation, acupuncture, Reiki, hypnosis, or aromatherapy) enough by itself either. Health care for the body and the mind are both needed in order to be a very healthy person.


Hence, East Meets West. Consider how the butterfly needs the flower for nectar and the flower needs the butterfly for pollination. Orion Wellness seeks to help people learn how to improve the health of their mental and emotional states and their bodies.

Whatever you think about you bring about.


- Rhonda Byrne

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